#1. Interaction


Client or Users


9 out of 10 users bounce within a couple of seconds after landing on a page, as per a report from Google Insider. And it all happens when website owners as per a report from Google Insider. And it all happens when website owners have no idea about what user interaction means. `The above fact is really surprising since, after investing so much of money and effort to create digital resources like: websites, applications, and other IOT devices, we just miss grabbing users attention by a whisker.

User interaction is not a single actionable item that we can click to optimize the user’s relationship with our digital resources. Instead, it has a robust ecosystem that defines the relationship between our


Wow!! What is user interaction, then?

User interaction refers to the process of communication and exchange of information between a user and a system, such as a website, an application, or a device. It includes any action or feedback that a user provides to the system, and any response or output that the system provides back to the user.

User interaction can take many forms, such as clicking on buttons, filling out forms, selecting options from menus, typing in text, or swiping and tapping on touchscreens. It can also include gestures, voice commands, and other modes of input.


Effective user interaction is essential for creating a positive user experience, which is crucial for the success of any product or service. A well-designed user interface that promotes clear and intuitive user interaction can enhance engagement, satisfaction, and productivity, while reducing frustration and errors.

AAH, you probably missed it, we take interactions quite differently

What does interaction mean for HexaBells?

We at Hexabells, have defined our own frameworks for interactions that go far beyond just user interactions. Below are our patterns for interaction:

1- HexaBells Handshake:


For us, a handshake is not just about greeting someone.

It’s about understanding client business problems that involve identifying the specific challenges and pain points they face in their business operations or customer experience.

Having a deep understanding of their entire ecosystem is a nice first step to begin with.

And to do this, we engage in thorough discussions, conduct assessments, and gather insights from stakeholders, end-users, and market research.

And we conclude the handshake with our clients, giving them a detailed overview of their key business challenges.

2- Hexabells lens:


We have the productive habit of seeing things very differently than what others see.

We just don’t rely on the information we have with just an initial handshake, we have our lenses to see your business operations.

We call it Hexabell’s Lens.

We have a business analysis team to gather, analyze, and derive meaningful insights for our clients.

Developing data analytics and reporting capabilities can help us make data-driven decisions, identify trends, spot opportunities, and optimize business strategies.

3- Hexabell’s Tea Time:


With a warm and refreshing tea session, we present our data driven insights before our clients and discuss the further roadmap to go ahead.

We also would interact sufficiently with our clients to know how they want to see their digital products after having a clear understanding about what are the latest trends.

After collecting enough feedback from our clients, we say goodbye to them with the promise to meet soon.

4- Hexabell’s Creative Demo 1:


Wow, its time to show off.

It’s the time when our clients see the first glance of their digital products.

Yes, we present our mock-up versions before our clients with possibly low to mid-fidelity designs.

5- Hexabell’s Creative Demo 2:


Based upon our clients feedback, we improvise the previous version to be loved by our clients.

We again call on our clients, possibly for the final demo.

Final doesn’t mean the end of feedback sessions. They are always on.

Once we have a final version of the prototype, we have a solid idea to go further.

6- Hexabells First Success Party:


Yes, you heard it right.

We present the final version of the UI before our clients to make them feel superbly encouraged.

Yet, the area of improvisation is still open. Because, at Hexabells, our practice is not just about delivering the products,

Yes, it’s about delivering a product that creates a WOW moment.

WOW means the first party being concluded.

7- The Game for Coders is on:


After having a productive layout, our coders jump into action.

They work together to create a high-performance digital resource with all the expected functionalities.

At Hexabells, coding goes far beyond what we generally see as programming. We have created some basic ethics of coding which includes

  • • Privacy and Data Protection
  • • Accessibility and Inclusivity
  • • Accuracy and Reliability
  • • Transparency and Accountability
  • • Intellectual Property and Copyright
  • • User Experience and Usability

By keeping the above factors in mind, our programming ninjas create a mind blowing product that can be proudly presented before our clients.

8- Hexabells Consecutive Parties:


Through multiple parties, depending on the complexity of the product, we keep on presenting different iterations of our digital solutions.

Many interactions help us and our clients make sure that the entire project is finally crafted into smaller pieces so that we can have a clear look at even small portions at a time.

We highly recommend drinking it in sips instead of a single bottle at a time.

And the party is on until the final version is ready.

9- It’s party all night:


Once the product is successfully delivered, we go to a party all night.

Yes, that’s the most precious moment for team Hexabells.

With a successful product launch, our team celebrates it like never before.

We collect final feedback from our clients to further strengthen our process.

Because, we at Hexabells believe that feedback is the oxygen we need to go quicker and quicker.

We learn from the word interaction and use it quite effectively to create a digital product that is trendy, solves problems, and causes business growth.

Interactivity increases engagement by allowing us to actively participate in and interact with the journey. It provides a sense of control and ownership that can make the experience more satisfying and enjoyable.

9- It’s party all night:



Drawing constructive conclusions and making future-proof predictions backed by data for quick problem-solving



Extracting detailed insights to redesign your strategies and planning your next move with smart recommendations



Seamless development process with clean, high quality codes to improve products’ efficiency and performance